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Module 1: The Powerful Shift I Made To Call In A Steady Stream Of Clients & Align With My Purpose  

Module 2: The Tool I Used To Create Abundance In My Business  

Module 3: The Business Model I Used To Manifest £10k In The First 3 Months Of Starting My Biz  

Bonus 1: How To Grow Your Email List & Connect With Soul Clients With Ease 

Bonus 2: My Secret Weapon. It's Not What You Think And We ALL Have Access To It  

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Hey, I'm Coco

I’m a blogger, speaker and zero b.s., high vibe happiness mentor and business coach that guides 100's of women craving happy, healthy and wealthy lives. 

They want to feel free, fulfilled and in flow – and help them do just that.  

I was inching closer to 30, yet I wasn’t even close to the woman I wanted to be. I was miserable. I spent like crazy on crap I didn’t need.

Lost, stuck and feeling like this was it (and there was no other magical ‘it’) for another 40 years…but in the past year, I quit my 9-5, launched my business and hit my first £10k within three months.

Today, I’m living in London, traveling the globe with my hot hubby, writing about designing and aligning with your dream self, career and life and supporting my beautiful clients through business launches and living happily, healthily and holistically in this modern-day world!